The New Lightforce LED Lights – You’ve Got Questions

You’ve got questions…and we’ve got the answers (and you can head on over to our product pages if you need any more info by clicking here!)

Since we launched our new Venom and Genesis LED a couple of weeks ago, buzz has really been building online with plenty of questions being asked so we thought that we would compile them into a blog post so that you can grab all the details in one place.

Q: “Are the new LED Lights ‘better’ than the HTX?”

A: This is like comparing apples and oranges! The new lights are very different to the HTX in many ways.
First up, the new lights are LED only (the HTX combine LED and HID technologies). The distance that the HTX puts out is more substantial than the new lights however, being so large means that the HTX will not fit on every vehicle.

The new LED lights are available in two sizes – the 150mm diameter Venom and the 210mm diameter Genesis, both of which are incredibly compact and more adaptable than the HTX.

The new LED lights also feature technology that reduces radio frequency interference, an essential addition for traveling far and wide across the country.





Q: How are the new lights different to the LED180 & LED215?

A: The distance produced by both Venom LED and Genesis LED is like nothing that you have ever seen in an LED light before, that’s the big difference with these new lights. Venom LED will throw out up to 850m @ 1 LUX while Genesis will be sure to impress with a distance of up to 1053m @ 1 LUX.

In addition to the distance, there are a number of great new features that we’ve packed into our new LED lights.
Aside from being made here in Australia, the Venom LED and Genesis LED feature technology which reduces the radio interference which can sometimes be caused by the addition of driving lights to a vehicle.

Venom LED Photometrics


Genesis LED Photometrics

Q: How much are they?

A: Venom is priced at $479 per light
Genesis is priced at $669 per light
The wiring harness that we recommend to accompany these lights is priced at $90.10

Complete with the Lightforce 3 – year warranty and a local support team who are just a phone call away if you have any concerns regarding the lights, you can be sure that you are getting a product that will really last the distance.


Q: Where can I buy them?

A: The Venom and Genesis LED should be available from all Lightforce stockists who specialise in driving products. If your local store doesn’t have any in stock, let them know that you’re keen to see them in store! You can find a store near you by heading to the dealer locator section of our website.


Q: Can I have some free ones?!

A: Ha ha ha! Head on over to our Facebook page – we’ll announce any competitions that we run over there!

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