Driving Light Technology: Lesson One

How do you choose the best lights for your 4WD? There’s a lot of misleading information out there! We get it, you aren’t that into the specs and just want a good light for your 4×4. You’ve heard Lightforce are the best, but then you noticed we are talking “lux” when others are talking “lumens”, and the “lumens” number is higher… so what do you do?

Lux and lumens are important, but one BIG mistake people make is thinking that the brightness has something to do with watts. It doesn’t.


LESSON ONE: Don’t look at the wattage and expect to know the brightness… ever!





It makes sense, right? Higher wattage means it takes more power, therefore it must be more powerful.

That’s what a lot of people think… and we understand why. The logic seems sound, there used to be a loose correlation between the two with halogen lights, so we get where this myth comes from.

However, with the constant evolution of LED technology, driving lights can now offer lower wattages (less draw on your battery) without sacrificing lumens, distance at one lux or brightness. So the number of watts on your light should not be used as an indicator of brightness.


What is wattage relevant to?

Wattage is only relevant to wiring / cabling your lights.


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The 007 Spectre Land Rover is available – complete with Lightforce Lights!

We were thrilled to discover that one of the Land Rovers used in 2015’s Bond film, Spectre, kitted out with Lightforce driving lights, is up for auction at Sotheby’s in London on September 6th!

Who wouldn’t want one of these? Let’s say you are a world class super-villain and you need to hunt down James Bond. How are you going to kit out your minion’s vehicle? With the cheap stuff, or the best stuff?

A class act like this goes for the best stuff.

When Ernst Stavro Blofeld wanted his minions to defeat James Bond in Spectre, he set them up with tools capable of the task. Naturally, they needed a beast of a vehicle to chase him down – and it has to look cool too.

The rope adds a little something – but we think the lights finish this vehicle off perfectly.

The Land Rover Defender was sent to Jaguar’s Special Vehicle Operations and built into the toughest, coolest, most villainous vehicle around for 2015’s Bond flick, Spectre. From 37-inch tyres to external roll-cage – there are two things these designers wanted to include in every detail of this build: Toughness and class.

That’s why the lights they used on the vehicles were made by Lightforce. The film was made in 2015, so our (sadly, discontinued) LED 180s were used – but we reckon if it was 2017 Ernst would be going for the HTX Hybrid, or Genesis LED (and maybe would’ve come out victorious because of it!).

The HTX light combines 20 LEDs with 80 watts of output to provide an instant flood beam, with a 70 watt HID (high-intensity discharge) bulb within a 170 mm reflector for long distance viewing. Together the two systems provide 8,400 effective lumens of visibility for driving in all conditions. We think Ernst would be happy with that!

Alternatively, the Genesis LED would ensure that Ernst would be able to keep in touch with his minions, because not only does the Genesis have with an output of 1053m @ 1 LUX, but the inclusion of CISPR25 complaint reduced radio frequency interference technology!

Maybe next time.

If the auction for the Land Rover ends up a little out of your price range, you can still get one of the best pieces of the action by checking out our product page.

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Lightforce Win Again!

2016 has been a fantastic year for the team at Lightforce, with new products hitting the shelves and industry recognition of our stellar products within independent publications. Our excitement levels have reached new heights however at the news that Lightforce founder, Ray Dennis is the 2016 recipient of the National Technology category winner at the Entrepreneur of the Year awards.
The awards were held in Sydney on the 20th October and recognised entrepreneurs in a range of categories.  The technology category recognised entrepreneurs who are leading technology, media and telecommunications companies, as diverse as tech and software developers, internet service providers, digital media and biotechnology – just to name a few.

The judges described Lightforce’s Ray Dennis as having a “commitment to innovation has allowed him to make significant inroads in a highly technical space, translating his skills across industries. He has demonstrated an ability to turn his ideas into world class businesses, designing new technologies to drive leading edge solutions.”

As a team we are over the moon and very proud of everything that Ray has achieved – congratulations to Ray!


EY Award Lightforce

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