Filters Are Fantastic!

From the time that lightforce began manufacturing lights, filters have been an integral part if the light design. We think filters are FANTASTIC (no exaggeration at all!) and here are a few reasons why…

1)   The filters add an extra layer of protection for your lighting investment. The polycarbonate filters can be replaced cheaply, easily and simply clip off and on. If they get scratched or cracked you can just grab a new set – getting a new light is a much more difficult task.

2)   Filters allow your lights to achieve more. When you buy any halogen or HID light from Lightforce, the primary design is for this light to throw a beam as far as possible based on size and wattage however distance isn’t always the most important or vital attribute for drivers. A wide or combo filter, available for all Classic and Professional series lights in the Lightforce range is a great way to spread the beam of your light so that you can see what’s hiding on the side of the road as well as far into the distance.

3)   Filters can change the colour of your beam to suit your required conditions. Amber filters are great to enhance vision when driving off road, through haze and dust while crystal blue filters can enhance the colour of a yellow halogen light, providing added clarity. Marine blue lights are fantastic for reducing glare out on the water as well as in the snow and we also have yellow filters for enhancing vision when in fog.

NOTE: only ‘white’ or ‘blue’ light is legal to use on roads in Australia (the light produced using our ‘blue’ filters appears white)

4)   Black filters are available for some models and are ideal for adding to your vehicle if you are driving in a location where there are legal restrictions on usage of driving lights

5)   Filters are incredibly useful on our range of handheld lights when used in sporting applications. For sporting applications we have red, green, amber, clear dispersion and infrared filters available.


As an addendum to the above, yes, we do get a lot of questions about why our new HTX lights don’t have the ability to incorporate filters. There are a few reasons for this, one being that these new additions to the range have a lens which is far stronger than any we have ever produced previously. Due to the sheer strength of this great lens, the addition of a filter for protection would almost be a gimmick. Secondly, one of the most common uses for filters is to achieve more spread from the beam of light be adding a ‘wide’ or ‘combo’ filter however the HTX comes with that spread in built via the brilliant LED lights that surround the edge. Without any filter the light achieves a distance of 1768m and a spread of up to 92m – pretty impressive, hey?!



Dual Wattage – What’s The Difference

Q: What’s (or WATTs?! – sorry!) the difference between our regular LED light bars and our Dual Wattage?


A: Our third generation LED light bars have an edge over our second generation – they combine 3W chips with 10W chips to produce superior product performance


The below infographic should shed some light on it…!



What is colour temperature? What does it mean?

Q: What is colour temperature? What does it mean? And who is this Kelvin character that people keep talking about?!

A: Kelvin (K) is the colour temperature of the light – you’ve probably seen measurements like “5000K” on the specifications of lights.
Put simply, the higher the colour temperature the whiter the light, and the lower the temperatures, the more yellow or red the light becomes.

We’ve summed it all up in a handy little image so you can figure out what all this colour temperature business is all about, once and for all!


The ultimate guide to IP ratings

IP stands for Ingress Protection. The ratings are defined in international standard ISO 20653:2013. They are used to define the level of sealing effectiveness for enclosures that contain equipment for road vehicle usage.

Check out the handy graphic below for a take away guide to what IP ratings mean and how they apply to Lightforce products…


A Quick Look – LUX vs Lumens

Ever wondered what the difference between Lux and Lumen was? Why do we use them to describe our lights? Read on to find out what Lux and Lumen mean!



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