Enforcer 170mm Halogen Handheld 240mm Enforcer Halogen
Enforcer 170mm Halogen Handheld

Enforcer Halogen Variable Power Search Lights

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  • Enforcer 170mm Halogen 100W Cig Cord $176.00
  • Enforcer 170mm Halogen 100W Dimming Cig $189.20
  • Enforcer 240mm Halogen 100W Cig Cord $218.90
  • Enforcer 240mm Halogen 100W Dimming Cig $246.40
Enforcer Halogens are handheld searchlights with cigarette plugs, built tough to suit all environments with high quality performance. Choose 170mm or 240mm, dimmable, or non-dimmable.


  • 1 x Enforcer halogen variable power
  • 1 x Cig plug cord


The next step up in the Enforcer range allows users to instantly adjust beam brightness with the inbuilt variable power control for smooth and silent dimming capability via the integrated thumb control lever. Move with stealth and operate for extended run time when under portable battery operation in the field. With all the features from the standard Enforcer Halogen plus the power to control the strength of your beam, Enforcer Halogen Variable Power offers users unlimited power!

Variable power Enforcers are available in both 170mm and 240mm sized lamps.


  • IP65 ingress protected – sealed from rain and dust
  • Accurate parabolic reflector for maximum light output and performance
  • Parabolic reflector combined with in built focusing mechanism allows a beam from a widepattern to a long distance spot
  • 3 portable battery options and 2 cable options available
  • 3 year warranty


  • Lightweight– for convenient long term use
  • Standard halogen: 170mm = 395 grams, 240mm = 720grams
  • Genuine Xenophot high specification vertical filament globe


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