The Copper Coast Flotilla of the South Australian Sea Rescue Squadron choose Lightforce to guide their way in wild conditions where it is essential that the products they choose won’t let them down. Their base is Wallaroo, however their vast area of coverage is the eastern coast of Spencer Gulf, from Port Broughton in the North, through to Cape Elizabeth in the South.

Our lights aren’t just used to guide the way for cars and trucks but they also surpass all expectations on the ocean.  All of the boats owned by the South Australian Sea Rescue Squadron, their duty boat and the privately owned boats registered within the Copper Coast Flotilla for Search Rescue and Recovery operations at Wallaroo have a fixed spotlight on the front and also carry 2 handhelds for the crews to use when searching at night.

Stephen Bartlett from Sea Rescue Copper Coast says “We have to marvel at these lights as there are times that the water is so rough that we go over the top of one wave and then the front of the boat spears through the next one completely submerging the light but so far all still work perfectly.”




So what exactly does the organisation do?

The Sea Rescue Squadron is a volunteer organisation which is partly funded by the South Australian Government, and partly from the efforts of its members, who are all volunteers.

They provide a radio watch, free of charge, to all vessels who wish to be covered. Once you have logged on, the volunteers watch to see that you have returned by the time you have advised, and in the event that this is not the case, they investigate the reason. The crew take action as necessary, from verification up to and including search and rescue.

When it is established that an emergency exists, the sea rescues squadron provide a rescue vessel which will proceed to the place of the vessel in trouble and provide assistance, up to and including a tow to the nearest suitable point if necessary.

As you can see, these volunteers put in a lot of hard work; there is a whole heap of training involved and a lot of funding required. As such, donations and sponsorship play a big part in the success of this operation. Lightforce have donated a couple of handheld lights to the Sea Rescue Squadrons upcoming raffle and if you’d like the chance to win one or some other great prizes, head to their website for more info!

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