Alex and Michaela believe that “life begins at the end of your comfort zone” – and they’re embracing this age-old mantra whole-heartedly with their new project; Greeting The World. Along with their trusty Mitsubishi Delica van, affectionately named ‘Vanda’ the pair are set to conquer the world, planning to make friends, taste new foods and visit as many countries as they go along!

Vanda came into the couple’s life when Alex was planning for his family to come visit he and Michaela in Perth back on 2012. They needed a people mover to fit in the whole entourage and much to even their own surprise, the van in still in their life, all this time later. Once they decided that they would tackle the world with her, a numbers of changes and improvements were made, Alex explains; “We’ve made many improvements including installing a UHF radio, 31′ tyres, a suspension lift, a second fuel tank, a rooftop tent, a solar panel, a 40-litre Engel fridge, a 70-litre water tank and a second battery.

In order to call her our home for the next 2 years, we’ve also needed to make her as comfortable and functional as possible. To do this we’ve installed house-grade insulation, a hot water pump, hundreds of LED lights, extra power outlets, a pull out kitchen and a complete living room with bed, wardrobe, pantry, 360degree swivelling seats and more!”

Inspired by their own unique life experiences – Alex is originally from Brazil and Michaela from Perth, they explain that; “We can’t live too long without exploring somewhere new and the standard 9-5pm office job just isn’t something we’re cut out for. This adventure is obviously about seeing the world and understanding the cultures and people on it, but it’s also about building a future where we can be our own bosses. That in itself is inspiration enough!”

The intrepid duo are most looking forward to exploring Chile, “for its abundance of different landscapes and natural beauties, not to mention the sense of isolation. The Atacama desert is definitely something we’re looking forward to” says Alex.

From all the brands in the world though, why choose Lightforce? “Driving around the world is a very complex project” explains Alex, “and I’m very meticulous about the equipment we choose to take with us. Practicality is the first criteria, followed by quality and reliability. When we realised we needed better lighting it did not take long for it to be obvious to us that Lightforce had the best products to offer.”

Those who are inspired by the dynamic duo, take note! Alex explains; “We’ve set up Vanda so we can drive and sleep four people in the car. We’ve done it so we can have a couple of visitors join us for short periods of time along the road. You might not be able to quit your job to drive around the world, but you might want to consider taking a couple of weeks of to join us as we drive across Japan or Costa Rica.”

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