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A Major Milestone for the HTX Hybrid Driving Light

01 June 2017

Since the official product launch, Lightforce have produced over 10,000 units of the Lightforce DL230 HTX, the world’s only hybrid driving light that combines both HID and LED technologies. That means there are thousands of vehicles driving around Australia and in other countries with a pair of HTX lighting up the night! With its unique design and superior Australian-made build quality, consumers have clearly found this product meets their needs.


10 Tips for an Easy Easter Getaway

11 April 2017

If Easter is a time that excites you as much as it does us, we start counting the weeks down before our getaway once March arrives. And while some of us may have a favourite yearly getaway, others may look to head somewhere different from year to year. One sure thing is you’re not the only one thinking about getting away, so don’t leave things to the last minute to get organised. Here are our top tips for preparing a great Easter getaway:


Surviving Long Weekends - Drive Safe!

09 March 2017

Fatigue is estimated to be a contributing factor in approximately 30% of fatal crashes and up to 15% of serious injuries, in fact, in 2012 more people in NSW died in fatigue-related crashes than drink driving cashes. Driver fatigue can be just as deadly as drink driving or speeding, in fact being awake for about 17 hours has a similar effect on driving performance as a blood alcohol content of 0.05.


The New Lightforce LED Lights - You've Got Questions

08 March 2017

You've got questions... and we've got the answers... Since we launched our new Venom LED and Genesis LED a couple of weeks ago, buzz has really been building online with plenty of questions being asked so we thought that we would compile them into a blog post so that you can grab all the details in one place.


What's New? Aussie Made LED, That's What!

28 February 2017

We've got something new to share with you - well two things in fact!

We've just launched our new Venom LED and Genesis LED and would couldn't be more proud of these products if we tried.