Aussie Made (Just Like Us!)

Here at Lightforce we’re proud that a majority of our products are made right here in Australia, from locally sourced components where possible. Lightforce were the first company to utilise polymers in the contraction of our handheld lights and then, as the company grew, our driving lights.
When the lights first hit the market they were the subject of ridicule from competitors whose products relied on heavy, out dated metal construction. As the years have gone by, use of polycarbonate material in the construction of halogen and HID handheld and driving lights has become common to the point that it could be considered the industry standard.
We’re proud to have been pioneers in this field and to be able to continually produce fantastic lights in Australia – but what other great inventions have come out of Australia? Here’s a little list of interesting inventions that we put together!


The Fridge:

The first practical vapor compression refrigeration system was built by James Harrison, a British journalist who had emigrated to Australia. His 1856 patent was for a vapor compression system using ether, alcohol or ammonia. He built a mechanical ice-making machine in 1851 on the banks of the Barwon River at Rocky Point in Geelong, Victoria, and his first commercial ice-making machine followed in 1854. Harrison also introduced commercial vapor-compression refrigeration to breweries and meat packing houses, and by 1861, a dozen of his systems were in operation.

Image via ShutterStock

Image via ShutterStock

The Ute:
The body style originated in Australia. It was the result of a 1932 letter from the wife of a farmer in Victoria, Australia to Ford Australia asking for “a vehicle to go to church in on a Sunday and which can carry our pigs to market on Mondays”. In response, Ford designer Lew Bandt developed a vehicle based on the client’s request and the model (called a “coupe utility” at the time) was released in 1934. A convertible version, known as the roadster utility was produced in limited numbers by Ford in the 1930s.


The Splayd:
A Splayd (plural ‘Splayds’) is an eating utensil combining the functions of spoon, knife and fork. It was created by William McArthur in the 1940s in Sydney, Australia. It is similar to the American spork. There are several manufacturers.


The Hills Hoist:
The Hills Hoist has been manufactured in Adelaide, South Australia by Lance Hill since 1945.


Cask Wine:
The process for packaging ‘cask wine’ (box wine) was invented by Thomas Angove of Angove’s, a winemaker from Renmark, South Australia, and patented by the company on April 20, 1935.

And the ultimate combination of a Hills Hoist and Cask Wine; Goon of Fortune (ask the kids if you’re not sure on that one!) as well as many other great inventions including WiFi and the Bionic Ear just to name a few.
There’s no shortage of innovation here in Aus and we’re really proud to produce work in such a fantastic, creative country!

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