ROK Around The Christmas Tree!

It’s ROKing around to that time of year and what better gift to buy (or ask for) than a utility light from the Lightforce ROK range?!

This Christmas you can ROK out knowing that these handy little lights will always have your back and now this range ROKs even more, with the addition of the Ultra Flood Version.

There are four variations to choose from in the ROK range including the ROK40 (40W), Rok20 (20W), ROK10 (10W) and ROK9 – a 9W surface mounted light.

There’s a ROK to suit every need, they’re great as reversing lights, on a motorbike handlebar or for camping uses. They make a fantastic Christmas gift or stocking filler – the ROK9 starts at only $46.20 and the most expensive option is still only $140, meaning that you can grab one today to top off your Christmas shopping!



If you’re after the latest and greatest, the Ultra Flood is what you need – available for the ROK40 and ROK20 options, the Ultra Flood offers increased volume of light over the existing models while maintaining all the existing features and fixing options. You can find information about the upgrades on their respective range product pages and you can grab them online from the Custom Built site or from any Lightforce stockist.

If you’re looking for other great Christmas ideas, look no further than the Lightforce range. The COB interior light upgrade is an excellent choice, providing more light in your vehicle than every before, or the LED Strip Light is a fantastic choice for friends and family who love to get out and enjoy the great outdoors. Of course if you’re feeling particularly generous, a set of driving lights is sure to light up Christmas for everyone you know (and yes, we’re a little bit sorry about that terrible pun!)


Thanks to all of our Lightforce customers for a fantastic 2016, we would like to wish you a very merry Christmas and hope to see you again in 2017.


Please note that our Hindmarsh office will be closed from the 23rd of December through until the 9th of December when we’ll be back on board to asset with all your tricky lighting questions!



Lightforce Win Again!

2016 has been a fantastic year for the team at Lightforce, with new products hitting the shelves and industry recognition of our stellar products within independent publications. Our excitement levels have reached new heights however at the news that Lightforce founder, Ray Dennis is the 2016 recipient of the National Technology category winner at the Entrepreneur of the Year awards.
The awards were held in Sydney on the 20th October and recognised entrepreneurs in a range of categories.  The technology category recognised entrepreneurs who are leading technology, media and telecommunications companies, as diverse as tech and software developers, internet service providers, digital media and biotechnology – just to name a few.

The judges described Lightforce’s Ray Dennis as having a “commitment to innovation has allowed him to make significant inroads in a highly technical space, translating his skills across industries. He has demonstrated an ability to turn his ideas into world class businesses, designing new technologies to drive leading edge solutions.”

As a team we are over the moon and very proud of everything that Ray has achieved – congratulations to Ray!


EY Award Lightforce

Filters Are Fantastic!

From the time that lightforce began manufacturing lights, filters have been an integral part if the light design. We think filters are FANTASTIC (no exaggeration at all!) and here are a few reasons why…

1)   The filters add an extra layer of protection for your lighting investment. The polycarbonate filters can be replaced cheaply, easily and simply clip off and on. If they get scratched or cracked you can just grab a new set – getting a new light is a much more difficult task.

2)   Filters allow your lights to achieve more. When you buy any halogen or HID light from Lightforce, the primary design is for this light to throw a beam as far as possible based on size and wattage however distance isn’t always the most important or vital attribute for drivers. A wide or combo filter, available for all Classic and Professional series lights in the Lightforce range is a great way to spread the beam of your light so that you can see what’s hiding on the side of the road as well as far into the distance.

3)   Filters can change the colour of your beam to suit your required conditions. Amber filters are great to enhance vision when driving off road, through haze and dust while crystal blue filters can enhance the colour of a yellow halogen light, providing added clarity. Marine blue lights are fantastic for reducing glare out on the water as well as in the snow and we also have yellow filters for enhancing vision when in fog.

NOTE: only ‘white’ or ‘blue’ light is legal to use on roads in Australia (the light produced using our ‘blue’ filters appears white)

4)   Black filters are available for some models and are ideal for adding to your vehicle if you are driving in a location where there are legal restrictions on usage of driving lights

5)   Filters are incredibly useful on our range of handheld lights when used in sporting applications. For sporting applications we have red, green, amber, clear dispersion and infrared filters available.


As an addendum to the above, yes, we do get a lot of questions about why our new HTX lights don’t have the ability to incorporate filters. There are a few reasons for this, one being that these new additions to the range have a lens which is far stronger than any we have ever produced previously. Due to the sheer strength of this great lens, the addition of a filter for protection would almost be a gimmick. Secondly, one of the most common uses for filters is to achieve more spread from the beam of light be adding a ‘wide’ or ‘combo’ filter however the HTX comes with that spread in built via the brilliant LED lights that surround the edge. Without any filter the light achieves a distance of 1768m and a spread of up to 92m – pretty impressive, hey?!



Dual Wattage – What’s The Difference

Q: What’s (or WATTs?! – sorry!) the difference between our regular LED light bars and our Dual Wattage?


A: Our third generation LED light bars have an edge over our second generation – they combine 3W chips with 10W chips to produce superior product performance


The below infographic should shed some light on it…!



What is colour temperature? What does it mean?

Q: What is colour temperature? What does it mean? And who is this Kelvin character that people keep talking about?!

A: Kelvin (K) is the colour temperature of the light – you’ve probably seen measurements like “5000K” on the specifications of lights.
Put simply, the higher the colour temperature the whiter the light, and the lower the temperatures, the more yellow or red the light becomes.

We’ve summed it all up in a handy little image so you can figure out what all this colour temperature business is all about, once and for all!


The ultimate guide to IP ratings

IP stands for Ingress Protection. The ratings are defined in international standard ISO 20653:2013. They are used to define the level of sealing effectiveness for enclosures that contain equipment for road vehicle usage.

Check out the handy graphic below for a take away guide to what IP ratings mean and how they apply to Lightforce products…


Lightforce Ultimate Guide to Rhino Rack Mounting Options

It’s probably no surprise that we are constantly being asked for advice and information on how best to mount our lights – especially in trickier situations. Luckily there are some other great Australian companies out there with products that work exceptionally well with our own. One of these great companies is Rhino Rack – who have been creating world class roof racks since 1992. With Australia’s most diverse and innovative range of mounting racks under their belt, it’s no surprise that we turned to these guys to mount an LED bar to the latest addition to the Lightforce fleet (pictured).
The LED bar that we’ve added to our decked out rig uses the Pioneer LED Light Bracket to stay in place and what a fantastic job it does!
The Rhino Rack range of mounts and brackets includes applications for both spot lights and LED bars all made to the high quality and standards that both Lightforce and Rhino Rack customers have come to expect.

Just like Lightforce, Rhino Rack put customer satisfaction first and release products that are tested to strict Australian standards. Another great thing about these guys is that they are fully in the loop when it comes to trends in vehicle manufacturing meaning that even if you’ve got a car that’s fresh off the factory line, chances are they’ve already designed a bar, mount or bracket just for it!
You can check out the entire range of Rhino Rack light mounts which work incredibly well with the Lightforce range right here.



Introducing The Only Interior Light You Will Ever Need!

If you need that extra intensity for your internal vehicle lighting then Lightforce has just the product that you’ve been looking for. Introducing the COB (short for Chip On Board), an innovative little beast, packaging the latest in LED technology together to produce a combined light source.

Previously customers who wanted their internal lighting to shine brighter than the factory fitted standard have relied on SMD (Surface Mount Device) technology, which is available from most automotive retailers.

A newcomer to the market, COB offers many advantages over outdated SMD technology. At the core of its design is the increase in the amount of LEDs that the COB offers in that it packs LEDs together, making use of the entire surface area of the device with no wasted space and more useable light produced – COB provides up to three times more light intensity than a standard 5050 SMD.

The output from the COB is an incredibly broad and uniform light that is emitted over 180°. Complete with a colour temperature of 4300k (equivalent to a ‘natural white’) the super thin COB produces increased light output for the interior of your vehicle, without compromising on light quality. Furthermore, the current draw can be minimised meaning it can be easily installed with no additional power required. The Lightforce Custom Built COB features a fully regulated IC controlled external circuit and a wide voltage range of 9V – 36V DC.

These universal kits are supplied with genuine 3M VHBTM double-sided adhesive tape for placement while the kit comes with 3 popular power adaptors – Festoon, T10 and BA9S, for easy installation. Each adaptor is high quality and fit for purpose, simply clip it all together and you’re ready to go!

The Lightforce range of COB products are available in three universal sizes to suit the most popular 4WDs on the market and an additional model designed to specifically fit Ford Ranger PX and PX2 (models from 2011 onwards) and second generation Mazda BT-50 (models from 2011 onwards) has recently been released.

In addition to the COB panels, 2 models of replacement COB LED bulbs are available:

Ideal for installing into door panels, number plate lights, foot well lighting, courtesy lights, map lights and many other applications.

Easy installation with no modification required… Just simply plug and play.

For horizontal applications, choose: T10 COB LED Bulb (P # CBCOBT10)

For vertical applications, choose: T10 COB CAN-bus error free (P # CBCOBT10CB)

For more information and full specifications head to the LED Interior Light Upgrades product page.


Lightforce Interior Light COB

A Quick Look – LUX vs Lumens

Ever wondered what the difference between Lux and Lumen was? Why do we use them to describe our lights? Read on to find out what Lux and Lumen mean!



Adventures with the ShitBox Rally

Every year the Shitbox Rally kicks off, raising funds for the Cancer Council. Lightforce have been involved, jumping on board a few vehicles over the past few years. Here’s how the adventure played out this year, as told by Anthony Meyer from Team Rally Katz….

This year’s Shitbox Rally was full of challenges, from making the start in Mackay, getting the car prepared so it hopefully makes the journey, and then the route for this year’s Rally, which was from Mackay to Hobart. We had our car shipped up to Mackay, so that took care of the first part, and we managed to get the beloved Camira in a workable state, equipped nicely with a set of Lightforce 240 Blitz (which consequently are worth more than the car). Now for the journey…
The first four days of the rally were set to be the toughest, mainly due to the combination of tarmac and dirt, and whilst this wouldn’t be a problem for normal 4wd’s, it’s not so much fun for sub-$1,000 cars.  Whilst there were a few breakdowns in the first 2 days, the Camira battled through like a champion, but then came the rain and a bit of a lifeline.  Thargomindah in central QLD was the overnight stop of Day 2, and we knew there would be rain on its way, but around 50-80mm fell that night!  And, it turned our campsite in a river by about midnight so there were a few weary heads in the morning, and as a result of the rain the next few days which were set to be 90% off road, were cancelled and we were re-routed on bitumen, and that made life a little easier for our cars.  I should say that the rally is made up of some 200 cars and 400 odd participants (not to mention mechanical and medical support teams), so to organise catering for these sorts of numbers, the communities do a marvellous job, so in turn the Shitbox family make sure we give a little back, which usually results in a few sore heads the next day if you know what I mean….
The next 5 days were set to be brilliant though, in part due to some of the scenery that this great country has to offer. So far we had travelled through remote parts of central QLD & NSW where the temps were in the high 20’s, now we were to change our shorts and hats for pants and beanies as we headed towards Mt Hotham then onto Melbourne to provide our gateway into Hobart, Tasmania.    Our little Camira shone the way, literally, as most of the days are pretty long and because our group (the 200 cars are split up in buddy groups of 8) was generally last in, our Camira was put as the lead car and we were more than happy to use our Lightforce 240 Blitz to shine the way and they sure did a great job of that.
All in all it was a great rally, and we were very happy to notch up number 2 for me but definitely looking forward to Number 3 next year. The route for next year’s Shitbox Rally is from Adelaide to Cairns via the Oodnadatta Track, so it’s already set to be a challenging rally….stay tuned!



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Lightforce now exports to more than 50 countries, supplying products that are designed and manufactured to deliver performance in the most hostile conditions. From the frozen Arctic tundra to the scorching heat of the Australian Outback, Lightforce products are built to go the distance.

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